Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Large Cup Size and Full Figure Bras on Sale this week

Her Room has a nice discount on Le Mystere bras and Wacoal bras on sale! You can get the details at the top of our full figure bras page.

Figleaves has 3 styles of Fantasie and Freya bras on sale, as are their matching panties.
While still pricey, they have Fantasie’s Olivia large cup and full figure bras below, still available in sizes 30DD to G, and 32 to 40D to G, at $20 Off!
They also have Freya’s Eleanor full figure bras in sizes 28DD to F, 30, 32 and 36D to FF and 34D to G and 38D to F in its ruby color. In less sizes in its white color. Both colors are on sale.

Both the Fantasie Olivia and Freya Eleanor bras appear to be going out of, or are out of stock most places.

I am not sure if this beautiful Freya bra style below is also going out of stock in general, but Figleaves has this one on sale now for $48, as well as one thong, short and brief on sale too! These bras are still available in sizes 28D to G, 30D to GG, 32 and 34C to GG, 36D to GG and 38D to G!
These are Figleaves Offer of the week, which also include the matching briefs, thong and garter belts for Freya’s popular Arabella full figure plunge bras, which as it turns out are also on sale, in their cassis color!

To find Figleaves deal of the week, any week, just click on their banner in this page’s right column and look to the bottom of the page.

Checking out my eBay stores search link for New Arabella bras, in the right column of the page its text link leads you to in the last paragraph, I found a those bras in a nice range of sizes, from Buy it Now, rather than bid, prices $25 to $45!

So, naturally, I had to check out
New Fantasie Olivia bras, at buy it now prices. Found 15 of them, almost all $21, in an assortment of sizes from 30DD to G to 36 and 38F.

And I had to check out New Freya Eleanor bras, and found 28, in white, ruby and raisin colors, from $16.16, for some reason at the bottom of the page, in size 32J, but mostly $20 to $23 in various sizes.

Providing they have your size, it usually is worth checking out eBay stores!

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