Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Urban fashion Steals, and Actual Deals

Steals and deals as in you can get taken, or not, at eBay stores
As well as actual Deals on both eBay and Urban Fashion stores!

This Baby Phat Dress below is a fine example of what I mean by ‘getting taken’ at eBay stores. I go into detail in Buyer Beware, on our Urban Wear at eBay stores page.

Here is the example of a steal, if you win the bid. You could get taken, if you pay the Buy it Now prices sometimes at eBay stores.

Click on this dress’s picture and you will find it at Baby Phat for $50, in sizes 1XL to 3XL. Plus often their New Special Offers, (link near their top left menu), will often have saving offers that let you save more $ on plus size fashions.
Now use this Baby Phat Mini plus size cocktail dress $20 to $60 at an eBay store link then scroll down a little to see this dress there.

True, you can get this dress, in sizes 3XL, for $20 and 1XL for $27, if you win the bid. Scroll down a bit further and you will find it at ‘Buy it Now’ prices, $60, in sizes 1XL to 3XL.

This is what I mean by you really should check the prices at the urban fashion designer’s store whose style you want to buy BEFORE you make an eBay purchase.

Unless you enjoy bidding, I guess…

ON the other hand, currently near the top or our Urban Fashion at eBay stores are Rocawear fringe dresses, sizes XL. One is for $20, the other $50. Both are at ‘Buy it Now’ prices, both New, With Tags. Today you will see a Dereon halter vest, real steal, if you like vests, Dereon no longer has it, and a Rocawear Snake Print, one shoulder dress, with built in bra, for $50.

The 2 Rocawear dresses turn up at eBay stores quite often, in plus sizes! I have never seen these dresses at Rocawear.

Real Deals from Urban wear stores, change so often, I suggest if you like a store’s style get on their mailing list! It is the best way to make sure you don’t miss their sales and discounts.
I though this one was real good today, until 8/12/10:
They have some nice tops in their sale section, new handbags, other accessories and shoes of course!
Rocawear has a similar deal
Rocawear (eFashion Solutions)
Shop eBay with care, or enjoy the excitement of bidding, and enjoy the savings where you find them!

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