Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Savings and some new stock of Kiyonna Plus Size Blouses

It is no surprise to me that Kiyonna plus size dresses and tops go from New Arrivals to nearly out of stock so fast! The blouse that I had planned to be our www.plus-size-womens-clothing.NET's featured blouse of the month is already down to only being available in 10 / 12 in cobalt blue and magenta, and 30 / 32 in cobalt blue as well.

That is because Kiyonna strategically designs their dresses and tops to make the most of, or create them if need be, of our curves, while hiding tummy, upper arm and other areas we might be shy of showing!

You can save when shopping Kiyonna using the discount code in this banner below. I clicked on it today to find they are also offering free shipping for orders over $100.

Now for the pesky problem of its is in customer favorites, yet out of stock in your size:

I ran into that one yesterday, with the above mentioned intended Blouse of the Month:
Kiyonna’ s Abby top below

Is both in Customer Favorites and New Arrivals!
I believe it is because it has a new color, Vixen Red!

So it appears that like our favorite styles of bras, these styles may reappear in New Arrivals!

Unlike favorite bras I have seen over the years, it appears the Abby Top is also restocked in its previous colors of purple, teal and black! You can find it now in sizes 0X to 5X, or 10 to 32.

Some things I have noticed though, looking closely at Kiyonna’s plus size fashions and reading their customer’s reviews for a while now.

Reviewer mention:
  • Preordering a style
  • Buying a style in more than one color
  • Often are women who apparently wear, or aim to wear Kiyonna all the time

The up shot of this is, dresses and tops go out of stock very quickly!

My Shape
carries Kiyonna, and sometimes they have styles in sizes Kiyonna is out of. You cannot count on that.
So…Take advantage of their money saving offers, and act fast if you really love a Kiyonna style you find.

Now a question for you:

I love the blouse and tank tops I wrote about yesterday, but I hesitated in buying them because:

Probably because they are mostly rayon, which I am lead to believe is tops, for summer wear, however…

Just how long does it take for a blouse or tank top to dry when you lay it flat to dry?

I understand that you can roll it gently in a clean towel first to speed this up a bit, but I do not have lots of drying space…

What to do?

Is there a fast version of lay flat to dry?

Thank you!

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