Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just a few questions for You

How do you like our new look here? I somehow muffed up the template of this blog this am when I was adding my Find us on Face book thing in the right column. So, I went with this one. Yep. Still not a techie.

One reason I really wanted to get that up there is, Included within it is a
I have Lots of questions about what you want in full figure bras, but that will be a later, or different survey…Or you could just tell me by posting it on my wall at Face Book!

Within the hour, the reason for one of those questions cropped up.
I saw this beautiful Tummy Yummie shaper, comes in nude too, in sizes up to XL
for $122. It’s too pricey for me. It may turn up, new with tags, at an affordable price on eBay… For me, I gotta funny feeling it will not accommodate my HH to J cup size bust… but I would keep an eye on it for other women, posting it here when I find it at a closer to affordable price…Should I?

Which is why I ask, in the survey, (at Face Book, see our right column here), is
Well how important is cost to you?
Now me, knowing I have seen, and purchased a few of, my favorite large cup size bras, new and with tags at eBay stores…for much less
It would help to know what I should look for on and off eBay…

Am I one of the few full figure women who like Urban Fashion? If not, which ones? I am partial to the Baby Phat logo cat, but how about you?

These are the sort of things I have been wondering.
And more specific things about bras, but I will get that survey up later. Not much later either!

If you have a moment to answer two questions, you will no doubt find me responding to your answers right here, and at

If you want, each of the two questions has a comment space too! And you can comment on my Face Book wall, as much as you like!

Let me know what you want to find when you come here!
The survey makes it easy, as does the Face Book wall!
Thank you!

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