Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unbelievably low prices on 2 favorite Panache Large Cup Bras!

Well they are my favorites, for sure! Her Room is selling the Panache Super Tango II large cup bras for $30 in its hot pink and white colors! Likewise, the Panache Harmony large cup bras are on sale for $30 in white and black colors! Both of these bras are still available, in sale colors, in sizes up to 40k and the Super Bra, in plus size bra sizes up to 42J and 44FF!

The Super Tango II, above, is my go to, and daily bra most of the time.
Bit of a strange shape on the Harmony bra. Maybe I need a still larger cup size? Nevertheless, I love the lift and support.
I own several of each of these, recommend them highly and wear a J cup size.
And while it has been on sale for a while, and is now still available in few full figure sizes, 42B coffee color or white color. This pretty Chantelle plus size bra is just $40, down from $94, and it gets good ratings too!

Click on the pictures to go straight to them at Her Room and enjoy great lift, support and saving!

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