Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Bra Straps no longer bit into my shoulders Weight lifting exercises

& a look at toning up in these last, say 5, years

A few months ago I wrote of how enthused I was to find after a short while of doing 2 or 3 weight lifting routines several times a week, my bra straps no longer made groves, nor bit into my shoulders!

I said I would later post links to which exercises I was doing so that readers could enjoy the same happy shoulder results! Then during the course of the summer, I tried repeatedly, and found no simple web pages to direct you to.

So I looked at the very few exercise books I have kicking around the house. I found, sure enough, I must have gotten it from this one below, as the other one is basic ballet exercise.

Now for me this was just too much reading. I love to read, but where exercise is concerned, I would rather just do it. This is a smallish book too, just 251 pages, including the index. For some reason I cannot do it, this regime, but I must remembered the weight lifting exercises I was doing from leafing through this book.

I guess my inability to read while exercising & / or to follow a regime makes it clear why ice skating worked for maintaining my, at that time, some tone, until my daughter tired of hockey skating and did not want to pursue hockey its self, or any other type of skating.

I guess I have a better chance with my inadvertent Shapeup, see post of 9/8/09, which is based on walking our newly adopted dog. I bet the dog will enjoy walking much longer than my daughter was into ice-skating. I am putting, well have already moved the follow up of that here at Full Figure Women’s Swimwear under Fitting Fitness In.

An fully expected pro of walk the dog fitness is, even though I have been sick since last Fri AM, I still walk the dog, long walks in the AM, about an 45 min. to 1 hour, time permitting. Clothes are fitting better all over! This week the bras and panties have not fit well for years do now! In addition, a dog is just as good company when you are sick as well as feeling fine!

Another unexpected find:
Or is this what they mean by Permanent Weight Loss? Or in my case, Permanent Toned Up?

  • Years ago when I first started ice skating regularly, for me, it amounted to approx 1.5 to 2 hours a week, after about 6 weeks, I went to get out of the car one day: I stood up and my jeans remained seated. I have since then worn a Levis, Misses size 14, rather than the previous size 16, jeans. Though I had begun to Feel Out of Shape, since about 1 month since we stopped skating regularly.
  • I started wearing Squeems plus size waist cincher, or Fajas the winter of 2007. It brought my waist down to 37”, where it stayed until I started walking our dog.
  • Then just a few months ago, I did those weight lifting exercises, did not last for long, our cats come to cuddle with me when I lay down, and I believe the most effective one, (perhaps you’d call it a butter fly?), was done lying down, and the weather got muggy…Regardless, I stopped. Well the shoulder groves are subtle, but though they have returned, are not red, nor sore either.

So I am thinking 2 things,

  • Any exercise program, or form of play, that appeals to you, as in Ice Skating, is worth trying for a while. You can still experience long term good results.
  • Perhaps it is just improved muscle tone ueto improved posture?

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