Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My inadvertent Shapeup

This morning I confirmed my suspicion, I found I had lost 1 ½ inches off my waist! I suspected I had lost something, as shorts and jeans seemed to be fitting looser lately. All because the Saturday before last, 8/30/09 PM, we adopted a small dog, a Shih Tzu mix. He is about the size of a cat, 14.4 lbs. Even though he is a small dog, I feel compelled to walk him a lot, because I do not want him to get bored, or out of shape. Funny I could not do this to keep myself in shape…

The inches off the waist, I have read before elsewhere, and again this weekend, in Yahoo’s Health News article What Doctors Wish You’d Do, point 3, about your waist size, getting my waist lower than 35” will be a great health advantage to help avoid heart disease, and diabetes! Well this morning, my waist 34 ½, in about 1 week and 2 days, and I have not seen it under 36 in YEARS!

And I was not even trying! So if you have been thinking of adopting a dog for years, as we had been, and know you will tend to walk it 3 to 5 times a day, say 4 to 7 city blocks, (ours is a small dog), you too might be able to inadvertently loose inches off your waist, and perhaps other places. I did not have time to measure the rest. This is now why we adopted a dog, but it is sure a great-unexpected extra bonus!

If we had adopted a dog I could really run with, I would want to wear a sports bra for most walks. I still like the Enell Sports Bra. However, for less expensive, large cup sports bras, I saw this Shock Absorber support level 4 D+ Sports Bra at both Figleaves, for $37 in sizes 30 to 308D to H and 40D to G.
If you click on its picture below you can check out the reviews or shop it at Figleaves

If you use this picture you can do the same at Her Room.

It gets the same review level at both Fig leaves and Her Room, 3 ½ stars, yet the commentary and usual inclusion of bra sizes in Her Room’s reviews make it easier to get a handle on if this bra will work for you.
At Her Room you will also find this bra was voted the Favorite Plus Size Sports Bra by the judges of the Undies Awards in support level 4, High impact, encapsulation and Compression.

If we adopted a Grey Hound, (I have heard, but never looked into this, that retired racing Grey Hounds need to be adopted.), I would likely try to run a bit with it, and would be trying the sport bra above myself. One reviewer says nothing moves when she runs with that bra on, and another says they dry really fast!

As it happens, we did not want to scare our indoor and outdoor cats, so we wanted a small dog. He can walk at a nice even pace. So you see, even with a small dog, and a bit of small, like 15 to 30 minute walks a day, it turns out you could possibly loose inches. I did step on our scale, but I do not trust it. It seems I am now 165 rather than 170lbs, but it had been a while since I weighted myself. I did however measure my waist the week before we adopted our dog and it was like 36 to 37 inches. I do trust my tape measure.

Oh and there is another health issue about this as per the same above mentioned health article: first point: Learn how to Relax, after the dog is all walked and played out, petting him is as relaxing as petting our kitties, which we still get to do. Watching a happy dog at play is relaxing, and fun too!

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