Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Unique Apple Bottoms Dress update & Great savings on luxurious Women’s Suits

The unique Apple Bottoms plus size dresses I apologized about being out of stock already is back in stock. I could have sworn it was available in more sizes yesterday but now it is available in sizes 14, 16 and 24. It was also available in size 22 just earlier today!

Womensuits is making a pick your 5 suit pack of their new Dorinda Clark designer suits! Just use this banner below to shop for 5 luxurious women’s suits up to size 26W for just $450! This is great if you need a small wardrobe of fine dress suits!

If you need new spring suits Womensuits will give you 10% off between now and 2/12/09 by using code “spring2009”. These new suits must have all just come into stock. This is one of those rare times I see a variety of new suits at Womensuits available in all sizes!

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