Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Phat & Apple Bottoms Unique Plus Size Dresses

I apologize for not posting this original Apple Bottoms plus size dress below sooner. When I first saw it earlier this week, it was still available in sizes 18 and 22. Now it is out of stock. I am posting it here as an example of the really beautiful and unique styles you will find at both Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms in plus size dresses. I will likely be featuring their apparel more in the future on my plus size dresses page, before they go out of stock!
Shop Apple Bottoms
What first got my attention on these stores was the wide selection of dresses on sale at Baby Phat in plus sizes. They have plus size dresses on sale for as little as $20. Many of both these stores styles are suitable as eveningwear too. This one below is now $30 and available in sizes 1XL to 3XL
Shop Baby Phat
Currently Apple Bottoms sale dresses are a bit pricier than Baby Phat. Both stores have colorful, as well as black dresses in new arrivals. Both are featuring unique hoodie and banded bottom styles too. Both Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms give you the dress lengths in their descriptions. Especially handy when you are figuring out if a dress will work for you. You cannot really hem a banded bottom dress.

I love the fresh, original styles of both Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms and have some of their new styles featured on my above mentioned dress page.

I am still a big Silhouettes enthusiast too. They have lots of beautiful new dress style in new arrivals now too. As for excellent buys, in their Outlet store you will find plenty! Including these Onyx Nite stretch satin plus size special occasion dresses, now just $35 and still available in black in sizes 12, 14, and 18 to 24!
Onyx Nite ® Stretch Satin Dress

I also love the simple clean lines of Silhouettes’ new Gillian Grey women’s suits collections. There are some dresses and skirts in there too, with coordinating jackets!
Ok, so I like both trendy fashions, especially featuring the simple lines of the baby phat cat, and business classics like blazers and twin sets. Go figure?


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