Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Women’s Business Suits, One Woman’s solution for Heat Wave.

Granted I work in a business / very casual place, but maybe you can get away with some of these styles, cheap, easy, easy to coordinate, work wear styles too. If you need more room in the back I’m sure Silhouettes’ Washed linen suit separates, also on sale now, would be cool and breezy too!

First: because they are on sale now, the sweaters are going fast and heat wave tested by me, Silhouettes A-line skirt and twinsets.
A-Line Skirt

If you click on this picture you’ll go straight to this skirt. It’s not going fast, but it:

  • Feels like wearing nothing at all when it’s 100 degrees out and they don’t keep your office very cool.
  • Even hanging out for an hour outside in one of our heat wave afternoons, it was cool and crisp in shape!
  • It just kind of hangs away from me, so it feels like nothing and looks just like a skirt.
  • I got one in Khaki now too! After it’s wash and wear and it’s now just $19

The tank and cardigan as pictured below, worn top button closed only is great for us full busted women!

Cardigan Sweater

Clicking on this picture will take you straight to the cardigan. You’ll find the tank in sweaters at Silhouettes as well. Now the cardigan is just $19 and the tank just $14. The breeze just goes right through these!

I went ahead and got them in all three colors, once they went on sale of course! Then again I joined the Silhouettes Buyer’s Club and get the full discount of 10% off every order too! I highly recommend it, as it also applies to their Outlet store purchases too!

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