Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Women’s Swimwear Sale and an Apology

All Just My Size’s swimwear is on sale now. And all Just My Size swimwear is just for full figure women. Now till February 3rd you will get an additional $10 off their swim suits and $5 off swim separates too! Click on this Just My Size swimwear sale banner to go straight to this sale.
Now for the apology: For a long time I posted women’s plus size swimwear and bra sized swimwear information here. I usually wrote here about new styles and sales. Then a few months ago I started another blog called Full Figure Women’s Swimwear. And that is where I have been posting the plus size swimwear, bra sized swimwear and full figure active wear. As well as Fitting in Fitness.

Not too surprisingly, I am having no small problem fitting in fitness in my life. It reflects in that part of the swimwear site’s blog. Any ideas or tips on how to fit fitness into one’s life would be greatly appreciated. Comment here or at the swimwear blog, I’ll appreciate it either way.

So now I will put a link to the swimwear site in this blog’s right column. I am sorry about the my not doing so earlier.

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