Monday, January 21, 2008

Two Plus Size Bras Sale reminders and some Questions

Lately I’ve been so enthused about the excellent sale prices on plus size and full busted bras I’ve been finding lately. So much so that it’s all I’ve been posting.

Well the Figleaves sale is over. The Bare Necessities one is on till the 31st. Today I posted a more direct link to it at the top of this page. I would have posted it here as well, but I can’t find one that works here. Or you can use the directions from their 10% off full figure bras link I included in the post here on Jan. 10th.

And the sale at
is still on. I do not really know when it ends. They usually have good savings at their sales. This one is no exception. Use code “winter” when ordering and get an additional 10% off till ordering. That’s good till Feb 29th!

Now for the questions:

Did any one reading this blog benefit from my posting from these sales here?

Because I’m a plus sized and large cup sized woman, I’ll still be looking for good prices on these kinds of bras.

Seeing as how I will be looking anyway:

Does anyone want me to look for a particular size and style in full figure bras that are new or on sale?

Likewise any other plus size fashions, lingerie styles or swimwear I should keep my eyes peeled for and report back to you-all here?

I’ll be looking anyway. It could save you some time and effort! Who wouldn’t benefit from that!

So please let me know. Feel free to comment here. I do not moderate, change, edit or exclude any comments. And one of the whole reasons I started this blog was to get in put with out exchanging email addresses. Who need more junk email? Or even email you just don’t have time for? Not me. And I expect not you. You can check in when you are looking for plus size fashions, and it seems especially plus sized and full busted bras. Or you can subscribe and just delete the emails whose headlines don’t interest you!

And if you are looking for something in particular, Like I said, I’ll be looking anyway. Let me know and I’ll post it here!

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