Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CaribGirl Thank you for the bra review and there actually is a smooth cup Panache Tango bra!

I’m happy to know the Fiesta fits just like the Tango II! It’s also one of my favorite bras, except not smooth. I may have to use the library now and go ahead and buy one my self. After all I normally wear t-shirts. While this keeps my Tango II in great shape, I need more daily wear bras. And who doesn’t?

Speaking of more bras, there actually is a smooth Panache Tango bra called Superbra Tango Pure. As well as some totally smooth cup full figure Panache bras that come in sizes up to 36G! But the smooth cup Tango Pure is available at all the stores I feature here.
But its best price currently is at Figleaves. And they have it in black in 36G at the moment, but no other colors.

There are 2 other note worthy things about Figleaves at the moment too. They are still running their Buy 5 items; get the cheapest one free by using code BUY4GET5 when you check out. And they are running a 50% off sale.

While there are a wide variety of full figure bras on sale, of note to those of us who wear 36G, or up to 38G for that matter, is Panache’s Superbra Samba Underwire balcony in white, FOR JUST $24! And all 6 of the 6 women who review it would recommend it to a friend too!

You can shop for these bras directly at Figleaves by clicking on the picture above. just note the code BUY4GET5 before you go. Because at these prices, it might be real easy to find five lingerie items you want for the price of four!

Yes it seems just like it being full figure swimwear sale time now. As in up to 50% off many styles at Always for Me and 20% off plus size skirtinis till Sunday. You can find details here.
It’s definitely also full figure bra and other intimates sale time too!

And if you like the Panache’s Tango II for less, you can get it at Bare Necessities for as little as $27.19 in its apricot color in sizes up to 38K and 40HH, just every full figured and large cup size I checked. Acutally it will be 10% less than $27.19 using this banner below. And Yes CaribGirl, also in 36G! It appears to be a good time for both of us to stock up!

Bare Necessities

If you need this 10% off full figure bras banner in the future, just book mark this intimates page. I’ll carry it in that page's right column as long as Bare Necessities honors it. And they really are a great place to find excellent plus size bras and lingerie. Especially cheaper in discontinued colors!

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  1. I will have to try the Tango Pure, though I have to admit it does not look as cute as the Fiesta design! BTW, I am actually a 36GG but I see that it comes in that size. I wish they would make a totally SEAMLESS bra in something larger than a G cup though. Wouldn't that be a breakthrough??? I currently have this bra by Fantasie:


    It is a foam molded seamless bra but it does not come in a GG cup. I compensate by getting a 38G (going up a band size and down a cup size) but it is not ideal. However, not bad when compared to having worn a 40DD for decades like I used to! And it actually gives a very nice shape to the boobs!

    I try to hold out hope that one day America can supply us with bras (in an actual store) that come larger than DDD. England is much more enlightened than us when it comes to bras.