Thursday, February 03, 2005

Shapewear for those of us with 2 size differences between their waist and hips


I know I can't be the only women with a waist size, in my case 2XL and a hip size of XL.
I also know that if I buy plus size panties, they had better not come near my waist. The one time I did that, I ordered by my waist size. The effect was not unlike wearing a skirt.

So it came time for me to consider shapewear, this was a dilemma.

Then I saw these power panties and you can see a picture of them here down on the right side of the page.

Believe me I am shapped nothing like the woman pictured wearing them....
They arrived yesterday and I test wore them.

They are great!
actually I really did not like taking them off before retrieving my daughter from daycare.

But I have learned that a energitic 5 year old, (ok, since she was 2 really), can stretch out regular undies by simply trying to climb up on to ya.

So I spared them that

It was like having a preview of what my jeans would feel like if I keep up this exercise thing for a month or so


Not only that but, they were comfortable! this type of shapewear even made my too tight jeans feel comfortably loose
while putting on my boots
while sitting in the car
I never would have thought this would be the case

see it really is my 1st experience with shapewear.

What clued me into thinking these might work for my 2 size descrepancy between my waist and hips was the fact that the size chart is built along the lines of a hosiery chart.

weights and heights
beign 160 lbs at 5 foot 1 1/2 inches, (see nothing like that photo), I ordered a size "c"

when I took them out of the package
I thought
Yikes! this will never work.
but they actually fit!
and that was before I read the handy how to put these panties on instructions
I'll try that next week.

If you have this sort of size dilemma
you really got try these

& if you do

what have you tried??
I am intrigued

shapewear is kind of pricey

so is daycare...

the power panties wearn't very pricey, compared to other shapewear I looked at

along those same lines

there was another brand and style of shapewear with the hoisery type chart

they are a bit pricier though, but the waist looked higher up with a broader band, for when one might really want a smoother line under a knit dress that just nearly still fits...

They should show up soon

will write how they test asap

please let me know if you of any worthy or promising styles of shapewear for the, I think of it as barrel shaped....

looking forward to hearing from you!

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