Thursday, February 10, 2005

Aviana plus size bras

While researching plus size bra recently,

I noticed several by Aviana.

Aviana makes full figure bra exclusively for women size 34D up to 46H, but soon to be up to 50Kp>

You can find their bras at Figleaves online store

Along with their their best selling full figure bra, which happens to be a soft cup, (toss in the wash!)

As soon as I can figure out my real bra size, I'm gonna try one.

Ever notice how all the size charts for bras, full figure bras or otherwise, have you wear your best fitting bra?

As it happens, I believe I keep getting this wrong, because after years of buying the wrong size plus size bra, I have not best fitting bra.

I think I am on to working a way around that, without the dreaded trip to the store, where they had neither my size, nor willing sales help years ago when I actually knew my full figure bra size!

But if you already know how to figure this out ...

please drop me a line here!

Thank You!

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