Saturday, February 05, 2005

I wanted to see if shapewear would make my already plus size dresses, which are actually knits, fit better

When I realized that I was getting no nearer to exercising regularly, but I had to do something about this clothing problem, I started to consider shapewear...

I already was wearing plus size clothing and plus size jeans everyday, I did not want to spend more time or money shopping. I no time to exercise, which I actually enjoy, how would I force my self to shop? Which I do not like.

I needed to get more milage out of the plus size dresses, skirts and plus size jeans I already had.
But I have that, what a book I found calls "O" shaped body. What I had though of as barrel shaped, where my hips are 2 sizes smaller than my waist. So traditional shapewear was out.

When I noticed the shapewear I mentioned earlier, where the sizing is based on a hosiery chart.
I figured my hips might have a chance there...but I was concerned, as I avoid pantyhose like the plague. I never liked them, even before I became a full figured women. In truth I have not worn them at all since them.

That was probably the most surprising thing about the power panties style shapewear I mentioned earlier. That I actually enjoyed wearing them and not only were they comfortable, but they made my plus size jeans fit more comfortably too!!

So even if you never liked panty hose and have a "O" shaped body, perhaps they could help give you a figure flattering silhouette and be comfortable for you too.

One thing though, if you have already stretched out a pair of knit pants, wear the power panties with these and they will bag a bit...which only go to show, yep they are comfortable and slimming too.

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