Saturday, April 18, 2015

3 Less Pricey Highly Rated Full Figure Bras

Two of these bras have been around long enough to have a wide range of available colors. The newest one has two color choices so far. These bras currently range from:
  • $35 full price in sizes up to 32 to 38J and 40 to 44G
  • $37 full price and up to 38J and 44G, ($20.40 to $25.20 in limited sizes of sale colors)
  • $47 in the new strappy style which comes in the sizes 30 to 40D to G size range 
If you need full figure and / or large cup bras, you know these are good prices. All these bras have an over 4 star rating review average out of their current, respectively, 86, 304 and 8 reviews!

Pour Moi? St Tropez Full Cup Bras

This is the above mentioned $20.40 to $37 full priced with a 4.4 star average with its over 300 reviews bra style in its white / aqua color. These bras are seem to be available in the 30 and 32E to J, 34 to 38C to J and 40 to 44C to G size range.
These sizes vary a bit between some of the current 11 colors this full figure bra style is still available in.
 St Tropez Full Cup Bra 
The shorty panties shown with it are available in sizes 8 to 20 in the white / aqua color shown.
These shorty panties also come in 8 other colors.

In other colors of this collection we can find more lingerie styles at Figleaves, also nicely priced.
Just click on any of these styles’ pictures here,
once at Figleaves you can browse other styles they have in each collection on the right side of their pages.
Just pick the color you want to see at the description, and the styles available in it will show up in the scroll through on the right.

Amour Underwire Non-padded Bras

This is the peppermint color in this bra style which costs $35 full price. These come in 9 colors in apparently the 30E to G, 32 to 38D to J and 40 to 44D to G size range.
This bra in white and a few other colors is just $33 full price and sale prices, where sizes are extremely limited, vary from $13.30 to $24.50.
 Amour Underwired Non Padded Bra 
The shorty panty it is shown with comes in sizes 8 to 22 and is $19 in this color.

A padded bra, other panty styles and a chemise is available in this color.
Other lingerie styles in other colors in this collection as well!

Forbidden Half Padded Bras

These strappy lace bras only comes in one other color apparently in the 30D to G, 32 to 36B to G and 38 to 40C to G size range for $47 in this color and $44 in the other one. Forbidden Half Padded Bra 
The panties come in the 8 to 18 size range.
Garter belts and camisoles and a Basque are available in this collection as well.

You can click on the ‘view all the Pour Moi?’ link under each styles’ picture at Figleaves to see their comparably priced, in similar size ranges, lingerie, (and swimwear), at Figleaves!



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