Saturday, November 29, 2014

20% Off Full Figure and DD+ Chantelle Bras

Her Room is having, among other excellent discounts, a 20% off Chantelle event! We can enjoy long time favorites, such as their C Chic plunge bras, spacer bras and panties, as well as new styles.

Best Selling Full Figure Chantelle Bras

This version of Chantelle’s Rive Gauche Bras is not only a Undie Award Winner but you also might have seen it in Redbook magazine.
These bras are available in sizes 32 to 44C to H in 6 colors, one of which is on sale! Click on this bra’s picture to go to it at Her Room. You can find the rest of their Chantelle bras by clicking on their text link over this picture there! icon The Chantelle Rive Gauche collection also has two T shirt bras and a Racer-back style, as well as three panty styles available at Her Room. This discount is available on those too!

This is the Rive Gauche T shirt bra style that is right after the style above in Best Sellers at Her Room. These highly rated bras are available in 5 colors, one of which is a sale color, in sizes 32C to H, 34 and 36B to H, 38B to G and 40B to F. icon icon

Two Beautiful New Arrival Bras

Perhaps both of these simply have arrived in new colors, as they already have good to excellent reviews!

Their Pont Neuf bras are the ones with currently excellent reviews! These come in four colors, the matching panties are beautiful! The bras are available in sizes 32 to 40B to H and 42 and 44C to E! icon

Their Sexy Push Up Plunge Bras come in 6 colors, two of which are on sale! These come in sizes 30C to F, 32 to 36A to G, 38 to 40B to D. icon
Looking at their Chantelle Bras;
  • sorting by “Full Figure DD+”
  • I am finding 37, (bras), best sellers
  • Or sorting by customer favorites 26, 
  • All, (I guess by All they mean not just bras, perhaps?), Full Figure 
 I do not know how long this discount is on, so enjoy it soon if you like Chantelle bras and intimates!


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