Friday, September 19, 2014

Simple Fashion Buying Rules that Save Us Stress

While enjoying The September Issue: Find Your Etho-Chic Style post earlier this week I came across one of the many useful and interesting links there.
Transending the 7 Deadly Sins of Fashion link. I thought it was a great read that would save some of us a certain amount of Q & A time and effort and stress regarding our fashion purchases.

Also, I am a strong supporter of the concept of Slow Fashion, as stated in the former Find Your Etho-Chic Style,
which also comes up, as the Shopping Greed sin in the 7 Deadly Fashion Sins post.

As the shopping greed rule, & / or slow fashion ideas are to me, one in the same:

This is what I dress and purchase by: Slow Fashion wise:
I look for apparel I can use most of the year Shopping Greed rule wise:

I aim for quality, even if it costs more, because I lack the:
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Money
  • Desire to replace things often 

That said, sometimes we can find quality cheap!

On the one hand I am wearing, around the house, a pair of Birkenstock sandals that while in no way cheap; I have been wearing for over 8 years!

On the other hand, my one, and only style purchase for myself this summer is an all-cotton $17, H & M on Sale button down top I wear open over tanks and Tees.
I will no doubt wear it buttoned down and under sweaters, as it gets colder too!
Like the Birkenstock sandals my cheap shirt goes with all my casual wear!

Shopping like this saves me not only the above mentioned, but closet and dresser space.

I highly recommend it to all, just to make life that much simplier!



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