Friday, August 22, 2014

New up to GG, H and K cup sizes Full Figure Bras at Bravissimo

Bravissimo has new Bras in by their own brand, (up to K cup sizes!), and Freya! One is the new scarlet color in their own Alana Bras, which come in sizes up to 28J, 30KK and 32 to 40 up to L cup sizes! You can check this new color out on this blog’s Alana Bras / Why Try Bravissimo Bras page.

Like their Alana bras, their new Cherry Blossom bras below are up to K cup balconette bras! Here are some of the other new dd+ bra styles by Bravissimo and Freya available now for $47 to $57!

Bravissimo’s Jazzberry Burst up to 40K Bras

One of the two women, (who wears a 38J), reviewed this new full figure bra style tells us her search for the ideal bra is over! These bras are just $49.78, a great price for bras that come in sizes 30E to JJ and 32 to 40DD to K!

Cherry Blossom up to 38K Bravissimo Bras

This new style has no reviews yet and is just $48.12. This underwire balconette bra style comes in sizes 28F to J and 30 to 38DD to K! Bravissimo’s Alana is also a balconette. Their Jazzberry Burst bras are full cup bra.

New Freya Deco and Ignite up to GG and H Cup Bras

Freya Deco Bra Fans, here is their new Deco Rebel Plunge bras, for $56.42 at Bravissimo. They have this style in sizes 28DD to GG, 30 to 36D to GG and 38D to G.

This style has no reviews yet, but Freya’s Deco bras are favored by many women and are award winning in the full figure bra category at Her Room’s Undies Awards!

If you click this picture of this new Freya style, you can find it in the same size range at Figleaves, for $50.
 Deco Underwired Plunge Bra 
Currently, Figleaves only has the brief to go with these bras.
Bravissimo has both the short and thong in this new Rebel print.

If you click on this picture of Freya’s Ignite balconette bra below, you will find it today, for $54.76 at Bravissimo. ($60 at Figleaves), Bravissimo has these bras in sizes 28DD to H and 30 to 38D to H!
I find, when it comes to large cup full figure bras, Figleaves and Bravissimo tend to have the best prices!
For example, both the Freya Ignite and new Deco Rebel bras are $60 at Her Room and Bare Necessities has neither of these bras yet…

So if you need F to K cup bras, or larger, such as the up to L cup Alana bras, Bravissimo is a great place to browse them!
Their currency changer is near the top center of their pages, and there USD prices tend to be great! Also, the reviews there help a bit too!



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