Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feel Better Dressed With Makeup?

What does this have to do with Plus Size Fashion? Well after all the to-do lately about being and what is 'plus size', and the models speaking out on this…

Here I find a reference to what I have wondered for a long time: If the average woman American is a size 14, why is this not called Average Size?

Time for a Size-less Post Regarding Dressing.

Makeup Starting at $3

Free Shipping Starting at $35; quite possibly available at your local Target

This year I had the almost unpardonable joy of paying $3.50 for an eye-shadow SAMPLE!

E.L.F. Makeup has eye-shadow, (+ shadow kits), liner, brow kits, (+ / or color), mascara starting at $3.00!

Luxury for Less is No Joke, even I, making almost nothing, can afford this!

Many of their best sellers are just $3.00 and they have vast palettes, of many kinds, for $6 to $35!

E.L.F. has:
  • All manner of make-up
  • face
  • blush
  • wipes
  • brushes and other tools starting at
  • & there are more than just one each for, $3!

But are E.L.F. Cosmetics Good?

Here is a search of Allure Magazine’s info on E.L.F.!

Not only that but we find that E.L.F.’s Blush and Contouring Cream below Won an Allure Best of Beauty Award, and is just $3.00! e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream

Reasons to Try E.L.F.

  • If you would rather have the extra money left over for other things, like savings
  • If you are becoming concerned about if the makeup you are using is expired, If worried, check this out.
  • If you are going to Target today anyway 
  • The Free Shipping with a $35 order, no code needed is real
  • Plus they have a Free $100 gift, which is an offer that ends on 11/18/13, which apparently you need a code for, (available at the top right of their home page, by clicking ‘Details’, something about a 44 piece Geo Brush collection… 

Me, I am in it for the $3 eyebrow kit,
vs. others I have used, from $30 to $6...
and will likely find an excuse to visit Target real soon,
or wait, what is their standard shipping fee anyway: $6.95…
Well considering I have tried all the eyebrow stuff I figure worth trying at the local drug store anyway..
And Target might not have every, or anything, in stock I am actually interesting in
where as their own web site likely will..

If you have any experience with E.L.F. makeup, especially brow kit, please drop me a comment below!



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