Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Suiting Tips from Slink Magazine

Slink magazine has made this excellent video giving us suiting tips for full figures. Nice to know I am not alone in finding getting a good suits, even just a suit jacket, to be a terrible experience. Slink, is a full figure magazine worth checking out!

Don’t have time to watch a video? 

Among the things she suggests are:
  • Suit separates, rather than whole suits, so you get a better fit on both the top and bottom
  • Buy 2 bottoms for each jacket style you find. This creates more ways to wear it and will make that suit last longer
  • A bigger Jacket IS NOT Flattering, just detracts from the shaping you could have gotten with jacket
  • Get a good shoulder fit, and attention to back seam detailing
  • Keep an eye on suits proportion to Your Shape, Shorter women wear shorter jackets
  • A longer neckline is visually flattering in a suit jacket 
I felt these are some pretty good tips, and will likely put a link to this video on our suits page, primarily so I that when the horror of suit shopping revisits me, I will be ready!

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