Tuesday, April 16, 2013

20% Off Sculptress by Panache Full Figure Bras

Sculptress is Panache’s new intimate line designed for well-endowed full figure women who need bras in the 36 to 46D to J size range

Sculptress by Panache qualifies for Bare Necessities' current 20% discount which is at the bottom of this post. So does Marlies Dekkers new, colorful, always unique bras , and their already highly rated by full figure women bra styles, which is fine if you need sizes such as 32 to 38B to F and 40D and E!

Unlike the Marlies Dekkers bras, Sculptress bras are made for women who need bra sizes 36 to 46D to J!

This is their Willow 3-part cup bra. These bras come in sizes up to 36 to 46HH for $59.

Matching panties are available in sizes 14 to 20 for $34! The matching panties for the bras below cost $28 and $30 and come in the same sizes.

If other seamless T-shirt bras are not working for you, you might want to try Sculptress’ Pure T-shirt bras below.

This style comes in sizes 36F to H, 38E to H, 40DD to GG, 42D to FF, 44DD to F and 46D to E in nude and black for $56.

Bare Necessities also has these, overall lace, yet seamless, bras in this line that come in this hot pink, nude and black in sizes 36 and 38F to H, 40DD – GG, 42D – FF, 44D – F and 46D, DD and E for $62.


Matching panties are available for all three bra styles above and cost This is a good way to try these bras because, like most Panache bras, they are not cheap.

On the other hand we do get what we pay for when we buy Panache bras.

Still it’s nice to get bras, like these above, especially if you like to buy your bras with matching panties, at 20% off. I have been wearing, and keeping an eye on Panache bra styles for some years now and find that:
For these reasons, getting these at 20% off is likely a rare opportunity.

Get 20% off at BareNecessities.com. Free Shipping over $70! Exclusions apply, ends 04.30.13.link to enjoy discounts on Sculptress bras and panties, this month… 

If you check out the Details for Bare Necessities discount above at their site you will find both Panache and Cleo by Panache are excluded from this, (they usually are), discount. Take advantage of this before next month, as it would be no surprise to find Sculptress by Panache to be excluded then…

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