Thursday, February 21, 2013

Elomi Smooth Push Up Plunge Bras

Highly Rate, leaving stock / Where to Get them For Less 

This is a beautiful plunge / push up bra that is available in limited sizes. No store is saying it is discontinued.

Bare Necessities has this in limited sizes at full price, Bigger Bras, where it qualifies for their 10% off discount has it in the many sizes and you can find a picture that is a direct link to it here.

Her Room has it in 38 and 40DD for $46.95, (they are $60 full price), and you can use this Elomi Push Up Plunge Bras icon link to go straight to it. For the absolute best prices at the top, still limited sizes, check you can use this Elomi Plunge Bras New with Tags at Buy it Now prices link to browse them starting at $27.47!

Or you can click on this bra’s picture to browse them in black in nude in sizes 34 to 46DD to GG, in black and nude at Classic Shapewear, where shipping in the us is always free!

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  • Classic Shapewear, like eBay stores, has them in both black and nude
  • Bigger Bras, Her Room and Bare Necessities only have them in nude
  • Her Room has the most reviews 
The reasons I mention these bras are:
  • I would get one myself if they came in my size
  • I am a big fan of my Elomi Suzie plunge bra and 
  • I would try any Elomi plunge bra that came in my size
  • Getting one for less is even better!
  • I also like the idea of a push up / plunge bra. 

I have just gone through a bout of trying on a new bras in a different size, as I have toned up a bit, and gone down a band size…

It makes me really appreciate my Elomi bras in general, (excellent firm band support and straps that adjust short enough for my petite frame) and my Suzie plunge bra the most. Because it still gives, (at a 34 rather than 32 which I should be wearing currently), better / firmer band support than the 32s by other brands I have tried, and returned, last month!

I so hate trying to find a new favorite bra company for myself. I just wish Elomi would make 32s for us!

Enjoy these great Elomi bras at great prices if they come in your size!

Oh yeah, all my Elomi bras are very durable and long lasting too. None have worn out yet! I have had most of mine since 8/2010!


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