Sunday, February 03, 2013

Elomi Full Figure Bras for $20 to $30

I have been browsing, wearing and buying Elomi bras almost exclusively for about 3 years now. Not long after I found my favorite I decided to get them in every color! The only way I could afford to do this was by shopping them on eBay stores.

This turned out to be an excellent way to shop them, about ½ half price, or LESS! After going through some of my files on Elomi bra styles, I recently turned up some excellent buys on discontinued Elomi styles to share with you.

Elomi Bras New with Tags, for Buy it Now, not bid, prices at eBay stores

These seamless #1220 Elomi bras pictured below are award winners at Her Room and come in sizes 34F to H, 36 and 38E to H, 40 to 44DD to H, 46DD to G and 48DD and E, for $35 to $58. You can find 74 of them, at Buy it Now prices, New with Tags starting at $23.09 using this Elomi 1220 bras at eBay stores link.


These Lara bras, both full and demi cup styles appear to be discontinued for a while now. However I am finding them, using this Elomi Lara Bras at eBay stores link:
  • Six of them at $10, (in 36D) to $30, such as in sizes 36 to 40D & E for $21.18 
  • And 29 more starting at $36.13 
This is just a picture of the demi-cup version of these bras

Elomi’s Suzie plunge bra has, I believe, been replaced by their Betty plunge bras. This is a style I did not even bother trying 1st at regular online stores, but purchased straight away from an eBay store. Using this Elomi Suzie bras at eBay stores link I am finding 19 of them starting at $20!


I am finding well over 36 of the available 170 Elomi Cleo bras new with tags at Buy it Now prices in the $19.99 to $22.49 range! There might be a few of these bras left at stores…You can use this New Elomi Cleo bras at eBay stores link to browse the above mentioned if you like.

This is just a picture of these bras.

Last but not least, Elomi’s Caitlyn, my favorite, which I have promoted here so often. A side support bra like the above Cleo and Suzie. I only these in many colors, even duplicate colors, because I could get them for a fraction of their price at eBay stores! Today I am finding 406 of them starting at $16 using this Elomi Caitlyn bras New at eBay stores link!

You can find them at Her Room, for the best descriptions and reviews by clicking on this style’s picture below, in numerous colors and sizes 34 to 42E to K and 44 and 46DD to HH, for $55.


I find this way of shopping bras, once you are confident of the size and style that is right for you makes it possible to have a really nice wardrobe of affordable bras.


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