Thursday, December 13, 2012

OSP’s 25% off up to 3 items and Their Holiday Tunic Sale

This week One Stop Plus’ discount is 25% off your 1st, 2nd and 3rd style. They also have a Holiday tunic sale going on.

I have been thinking of some of their metallic, and possibly sequined tunics, (tanks and Tee, also in the tunic sale), coupled with some of the more sedate colored and pastel suit separates I mentioned earlier this week.

I think their color block sequin Tee, comes in 3 color schemes, on sale for $30 to $35, looks great under this sweater! Is it just me, or is that a great, subtly glittery, look?


This style comes in sizes up to 5X and would together, or with a sweater or blazer you may already have, could be a brightening addition to any woman’s wardrobe!

Oh yeah, like all these other styles, these are getting excellent, (by which I mean 4.5 to 5 star rating average) reviews!

I thing this gently glowing and shimmering metallic tee under the Igigi blazer I have featured at the top of our suit page at the moment.


What do you think? These Ts are just $20 to $25, before you apply this week’s discount, at this sale and come in metallic silver, gold, bronze and black.

This style also has excellent reviews and can add polish to your jean outfits or simple skirts… They also have solid metallic tank tops and these sequined ones, also on sale for $20 to $25, with excellent ratings and available in six colors!


If you like flowing tunics to wear over pants, jeans or leggings this over-sized, boxy cut, tunic style and a similar sequined patterned, (a feather motif at the neckline, on a long sleeve cotton jersey), style(s) might be for you!


This tunic above and the black jersey one mentioned with it only have great reviews so far, 4 star average.

Those are just some of the styles you will find at their Tunic Sale. They also have sheer scarf tunics, long draping, bat winged styles, more traditional ones and I saw at least one velvet tunic!

If you are looking for half price wide calf boots, strangely, you will find them at the bottom of OSP’s tunic sale page, at this writing at least!

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