Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kiyonna Dresses and Tops at ½ Price

Have you wanted to try Kiyonna fashions but found them a bit pricey? Their 50% off sale styles discount below should handle that!

Currently you will find their highly rated, was up until recently, customer favorite, Tory Cinch Dresses in their sale department for $88. It is available in the most sizes, 18 to 32, in its plum color and will you can try it for $44!

They also have four other dresses, an evening gown, tops, blouses and sweaters in their sale section now too.

Just note the code and use it on Kiyonna’s sale section items and enjoy fashions made to accentuate, or create your waist and make the most of full figure curves, for Much Less!

 Stylish Plus Size Dresses & Separates

If you find yourself shopping full price items while there, you can get their current 15% off orders of $150, (until 2/4/13), code on our Shopping page.

 I can tell you from experience that their styles really do make the most of our curves, until your daughter swipes them…

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