Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Full Figure and Large Cup Size Bra Prices at up to 50% Off Sale

I am finding:

  • 79 bra and panty styles, in Plus Size, starting at $21
  • 772 bra and panty styles in DD+, starting at less than $13 
  • and, if you need GG+ or larger cup size bras, just shop by your bra size from their left column menu, because their GG+ link only leads to one style
  • and there are So Many More At Figleaves up to 50% Off Sale
Just use one of these links below to go to Figleaves
Then select ShopWomens from the red sale banner and use, best choice is your bra size, this time, to browse for great deals at this sale!

I do not know how long this sale will last, but if you wear a hard to find bra size, you know how long styles in your size will last at sale prices… 

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