Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 Discontinued, yet Highly Rated Full Figure Bras, New at eBay Stores

Sometimes very popular bras get discontinued and I find them in fair to good supply at eBay stores, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices anyway.

Bid prices always look better, but I think you have to be into this bidding thing to enjoy the process.

Below are some past favorite bras or many reviewers that are still available New with Tags, at But it now prices at eBay stores.

Freya’s Rio bras used to come in sizes 28DD To H, 30 to 38D to H, got rave reviews and you can read about this style’s details here. You can still find them at Bigger Bras by clicking on the picture of this bra style below. You can browse them at eBay stores by using this New Freya Rio Bras link. Today there are 89 of them, starting at $19!
  Freya Rio Balcony Underwire Bra AA3510 at Bigger Bras
Chantelle’s Body Sculpt was a highly rated bra style for a very long time. You can read about the details of this bra style here.

This is just a picture of this bra style, but you will find 101 of them, today, at eBay stores using this New with Tags, Chantelle Body Sculpt Bras at eBay stores link. link, starting at $23! This is just a picture of this bra style.

I add these and other eBay store bra style finds to their places on our full figure, (up to H cup sizes), and large cup size bra, (HH and up cup sized bra styles), pages.

Feel free to check them out any time, as the prices can be great! This is true of bras that are still in production! That is where I shop for styles, and once a new style in a brand, I am confident of my sizes in.

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