Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Brief Note on the Benefits of being a Bare Necessities Customer

I do not order that often, or that much, from Bare Necessities. Even so, last Monday, 5/7, I received a 30% off code from them in the mail, good until 6/5/12!

Just for the heck of it, I looked up my order history with them and my last order was shipped in October of 2011.

Additionally, I believe I have received get discounts from them in the mail, like this, in the past too! I just never had a chance to look into one of these offers until now.

Just as fantastic as getting a 30% Off discount, for such an infrequent buyer as myself, is the exclusions. This time, only UGG Australia, Wacoal and Wolford are excluded from this discount!

Yippee! Anything I normally would buy from Bare Necessities is included!
This is a nice way to try new styles, like Fantasie’s Rebecca Spacer bra below. It comes in sizes 30 to 36DD to GG, 38DD to G and 40DD to F. Or stock up on one of my favorite Elomi bras. Elomi’s Hermione bras are also spacer bras, and you can read about why you might want to try a spacer bra here.

This Fantasie bra above is too new for reviews, but I can tell you the Elomi one is real comfy!

I just think it is amazing that Bare Necessities sent me a Thank you 30% Off discount, good for nearly a month, with little exclusions, when I buy so little from them!

This is just one good reason to shop Bare Necessities I though everyone should know about and perhaps benefit by!


  1. Great post! It is good to hear that you are satisfied with Bare Necessities, I have them on my list too - but have never ordered from them. Maybe I should? Please take a look at my plus size fashion blog, you might like it:

  2. Your Curvy Style blog, Is EXCELLENT!
    I aim to do a post about it in the near future.
    Well Done!

    Oh Yeah, definably shop Bare Necessities. If you do not like what you get, they have a fine return policy. Once we went trough about 4 exchanges with me trying to get the right size, only to give up and go for the refund and they were perfectly OK with that