Thursday, November 04, 2010

20% Off Site Wide at Bra Smyth!

Until 11/9/10 you can get 20% Off All Bra Smyth orders! Bra Smyth has been in the bra fitting business for over 75 years. They carry nearly all the bras I have written about on our full figure bras page.

Bra Smyth
Here is Bra Smyth’s own, exclusive, Manhattan Minimizer Bra! It comes in sizes 32 to 40C to G, 42C to F and 44C to E, in black and nude colors. This bra is based on years of customer feedback, in dressing rooms, on the phone and on line. All of their bra fitting expertise has gone into this bra!

While there are no reviews, as Bra Smyth does not have them, They say this bra will:
  • Tastefully bring you down a bra size
  • Made of high quality simplex fabric
  • Ultra smooth
  • Cushy, not rolled straps
  • Padded underwire channel, so you never feel it!
A petite women’s observation:
  • Straps adjust toward the shoulder! So you have plenty of adjusting up if you, like I need it.

Other things Bra Smyth has that I have not gotten around to writing about, but am curious about, are Lytess leggings, shapewear and bras.
Bra Smyth carries Lytess leggings below in sizes up to 3XL or 18/20. They have a price break, $8 off if you buy 2 pairs, and today, with an extra 20% Off, their prices even beat the ones I found at my Lytess at eBay stores link here in the right column!

I had the Lytess Capri leggings, until my daughter stole them. I cannot blame her, as they are really comfy! They obviously have lots of range on the size.
I do know you do not have to be too exact with the size, they have loads of give and take.
My daughter wore them after I did. I did not stretch out the waist. I do not think the waist could have cut into me if I got them in a small. They have that much give and take. I wear at 14W jeans, she wears at 14 child’s sizes pants.

As for inches reduction: I cannot tell you. It was summer and I was busy. Too busy to keep proper track.

Their capri leggings did improve the skin on my thighs, which always seem dry and upset a bit.

That is why I want to try their Lift Up, or Moisturizing, bras. I have looked into this one a bit and have found both names used for the same item number at different stores.

My breasts seem to get dry in the winter. As I wear a HH to K cup size, I would get this as a skin improving, leisure bra, for at home.
Click on this bra’s picture and you will see it has much description dedicate to up lift!

Bra Smyth has it in sizes up to 2XL 16/18
At 20% off during this sale it would be $40! I’d love to try it, it would be a win win situation.
  • If it has not much lift for my size, it would be a great comfy, skin improving bra
  • If it dose lift and support fuller busts, I could enjoy it as a daily bra sometimes too!
I think I might be safe from my daughter stealing the bra. As for the leggings, I would have to hide them!

The capris wear like wearing a moisturizer, only lighter, in our summer’s heat and humidity!

Enjoy the Bra Smyth Sale!

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