Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank you Sara V. Frenzy! & a look at Vintage inspired, Plus Size Dresses and Intimates

Fat-shionista is a blog that Sara V. Frenzy recently started. Looking at it, perhaps with the upcoming general romance Valentine ’s Day coming soon, put me in the mind of vintage clothing. Sara’s profile reveals she is into all vintage clothing and accessories, except vintage puppies. I just like the bit about puppies and had to add it here.

Her posts made me think of what stuck me as, useful today, yet vintage-like, to me, styles. Like these lace plus size cami bras. Vintage like to me, because they put a bit of lace at your neckline. Useful, as shown, looking, and feeling, pretty under your robe around the house. As well as low cut shirts, blouses and dresses.

Because it put me in the mind of long heavy silk gowns with lace necklines and matching bed jackets and long robes I had seen in antique and used clothing stores, in the late 70s.
These full figure bras come in sizes 36 to 54C to G, for just $20 to $28. They have adjustable rigid straps, and molded soft cups and come in 10 colors! Made even more affordable with One Stop Plus’ discounts! OneStopPlus.com - $20 off $50+, $25 off $75+, $30 off $100+ w/code OSPCOUPON2

eDressMe encourages us to Revive your style with timeless Vintage styles. Shop eDressMe Vintage Styles now!. They have some fabulous vintage dresses, some in plus sizes. The dresses by Stop Staring! Are noted as running small. Of those I have looked at, they come in sizes up to XL, or 40, 32, 43 (bust, waist, hips).
They also have dresses by Queen or Heartz, that come in sizes up to 3XL. Like this green stretch satin wrap front dress, which is on sale now too, but sizes are limited.
Queen of Heartz Green Vintage Dresses
It turns out eDressMe has plenty of vintage and lots of plus size dresses and gowns. I will be checking out their Dresses Under $99 at eDressMe. Get Major Style without Spending Serious Cash! often, especially their vintage section.

Can anyone tell me how stretch satin wears?

So just to see, I went to eBay, typed Plus Size Vintage Dresses

Apparently, Vintage now, brings up lots of Maxi, gypsy peasant, and kimono dresses, as well as Victorian, civil war, goth as well as gothic, even rockabilly styles and, brace your self here, T-shirt dresses!

You will find plenty of plus size dresses at that above eBay listing. Some are, style and pricewise, very impressive.
I seldom think of wedding gowns, though I have seen them, and the prices.
This Vintage Ivory or White, Wedding dress, in sizes up to 32W, just $89.

This dress is New, with Tags, they give you an array of pictures of it. It has a train, for instance. They also have wearer reviews. I figure this is vintage inspired, rather than actual vintage.

In a recent email from Avenue they were showing their “vintage” styles. To Avenue, recently, vintage means denim Bermuda shorts, cuffed straight-legged boyfriend jeans and thermal hoodies.

I also figure “Vintage” is a matter of perspective.

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  1. Your welcome! Haha, I was so surpised to see you mention me in your blog :) I've had my eye on that green dress for quite some time, I just never have the occasion to buy it besides to stare at it in awe. I'm always looking at vintage wedding dresses, they're probably my favorite thing to search for at vintage sites... especially since I'll be getting married in a couple of years. I can never decide if I like 50's tea length style dresses or 30's glamour style better when it comes to wedding dresses...