Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Find out about Full Figure Fashion Week!

Last week, from the 25th to the 27th a major fashion event for full figure fashion took place! The best way I know of to find out about it is to read Glen Johnson’s Full Figure Plus blog starting on 6/29 and the days ahead. He has only just begun to tell us all! He does say the mainstream media seemed to make no effort, about which he, like we should be, is disappointed. The rest is positive! The styles he shows so far are exquisite!

If you have shopped plus size fashions much at all you likely have come across Kiyonna. At Full Figure Plus’ June 29th post you’ll see a new style from, I think, their Daily Denim collection. I am featuring a new dress of theirs, which also comes in shirt style at the top of our dresses page. Below is, from their new arrivals, Kiyonna’s Hollywood track jacket, which also comes in navy and plum colors.
Hollywood Track Jacket

Below is Kiyonna’s highly rated Posey Patio Dress. Women like this dress’ length, comfort, figure flattery and sexy feel!
Posey Patio Dress

Click on any of these pictures above to check out the rest of Kiyonna’s beautiful full figure fashions!

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