Friday, May 08, 2009

Large Cup Bra deals and a nice Chemise for the full busted

Sorry my attention has been elsewhere this week. As it turns out, I have noticed some nice deals for us full figured women. Still on is the Fantasie deal on some bras and panties I wrote of last week! Additionally, the larger cup version of the Fantasie full figure bra, in pomegranate, is on sale for just $57.40, down from $82, sadly, sizes are limited. The Freya large cup size bras, 32 to 38GG to J, I wrote of on 4/28 is also still on sale, but again limited sizes, in its pink the sale color.
Lastly, this Chemise, by Oscar de la Renta, only available in size 2x, which turns out to be: 50” bust 42” waist 52 hips, I’ve got about a 50” bust, so I figure this is, (adjustable straps yes!) Bust support in pretty sleep and lounge wear for us full-busted women! If I cared about appearances about the house, I could take it in at the waist and hips a bit, but I so do not!

This chemise is at Bare Necessities for $59. I know I usually go on about bras here with the occasional suit or dresses posts, but mostly full figure bras.
I figure if you are here about large cup size, or full figure bras, you’d like info about beautiful sleepwear with bust support too! I do not see stuff like the above chemise often enough!

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