Sunday, December 02, 2007

Finally an H cup Seamless T-shirt Full Figure Bra!

It seemed as if actually seamless bras stopped at G cup sizes. Now Le Mystere’s Dream Tisha full fit bra comes in cup sizes up to H!

I know, it is only one cup size larger, but I hope it’s the beginning of seamless fuller cup bras!

And this has been one of my fall back bras for years! Of course mine is a G cup. But now you can get H cup Dream Tisha in cup sizes up to H at:

I noticed that the Dream Tisha full fit came in H cups in my last post, but now I’ve found more stores that carry it, besides Bigger Bras! I like Bigger Bras, but when Bare Necessities carries Le Mystere bras, they will eventually, so it seems, have them at price breaks in discontinued colors! See current examples of this at this page in the paragraph just under the top picture. And you can get them at a further 10% off using the 10% off full figure bra banner!

HerRoom Lingerie We Buy For Ourselves is new to me, but checking it out, I like the fact that their wearer reviews seem to be designed to include bra sizes. Something I long felt would make bra reviews more useful! They seem to have panties in discontinued colors on sale!

Now that more than one intimates store carries seamless bras in cup sizes over G, it’s a little more real to me! Maybe Panache, Freya and Fantasie will follow along and give us more!

Interesting note, check out the Celebrity Picks after clicking on Vote your favorite undies and save 10% link for HerRoom. Dolly Parton’s the nipple cover petals. Is she pulling our legs? Can she swim the English Channel or bench press, perhaps my weight? Or does she where them over custom made very large cup chopper bras?

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