Sunday, December 30, 2007

50% off a best selling Plus Size Corset and a Full Busted, and Plus Size Bra

Figleaves winter sale goes on! But I still do not know how long. Fredericks will last till Jan 4th. Where you can get their best selling Dream Corset at 50% off in 7 of its lovely colors! The Dream Corset comes in sizes up to 44! Click on its picture to shop for it at Half Price below.

You’ll find plenty of plus size and large cup bras at Figleaves' winter sale. This one is highly rated and is now 50% off. Just $24 now. Perhaps the one of the best prices in recent years for a large cup Fantasie bra. This bra is on sale in white in sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38D, DD, E, F, FF and G. As well as in bra sizes 40D, DD, E and F and 42DD and E. It’s a smooth, underwire bra. Click on its picture to read its rave reviews or shop for it at this excellent price while it lasts!

See the top of this page for a glimpse of a couple of newer plus sizes lingerie styles. And about ½ ways down that page you’ll find instructions as to how to find the other plus size lingerie styles at Fredericks. They don’t make it easy, but they are there and some styles are on sale now!

And there is another Fantasie large cup bra that is still available in sizes up to 38 and 40G and 42DD for just $21.60 in its peach color. This bra is featured about a quarter of the way down this page But when I featured it there, this morning, it was available in both its peach color and the pink color shown. Now, just a few hours later the pink is sold out. Bras at Figleaves’ winter sale are moving very fast apparently.