Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do your underwire bra’s wires stick out rather than lay flat against your breast bone?

If so I found the solution. It’s a missing measurement! You can read about it by clicking here now.

If your underwires are sticking out of your shirts, you’ve probably guessed that your bra’s cups are too small. But full figure, and especially large cup sized bras are expensive! I had an idea of how to find the right bra size, and pretty much had to save up to try it out!

But now I can take advantage of Bigger Bra’s 10% off your whole order, as well as their typical savings on buying sets of 3 almost any thing they sell! Look for their 10% off code at the near top right of most of their pages. Or you could use this 10% off purchase with code "MarchBra"at Expires 03/31/07

OK. I’ll still have to save up to buy a set of 3 bras, but still, none will be disappointing.

I can not recall a time I had a bra that fit this well before. Perhaps when I was 14….

Anyway, today with the spring breeze blowing my loose t-shirt against me, I was not embarrassed, as had become my norm, by my bra’s underwires sticking out between my breasts!!

AND TALK ABOUT LIFTS AND SEPARATES!! You can bet this will make sweating through the summer a whole lot more pleasant!

So if you are tired of your bra’s underwires poking your lover and children when they want to snuggle….and having something akin to toe jam between in your cleavage on summer days… just take that link in the first paragraph above and read how to find you cup size straight way!

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