Monday, January 08, 2007

Spring full figure Suit previews and further questions

Now you’ll find beautiful plus size suits at Silhouettes Spring fashions preview. I have some of these suits and suit separates pictured here here. And here on my ladies suit page.

But I am continue to wonder about the functionality of these women’s suits. Or, as my question of last week, is it just me. Do any other women want pockets.

I’ve been reading:

This book brings up how upon women getting the vote, the skeletal, 1920's flapper look becomes fashionable. Female dieting and a preoccupation with thinness ensue. Page 52 of my paper back copy. One question posed by the book is:

Is this new look for women an attempt to keep women weak regardless of their ability to vote?

Is the current ultra thin, anorexic look a result of people not really wanting women to have equal rights? Equal pay, power things of that ilk. Is it an effort to control women with rights? Kind of crumy when women don’t usually get equal pay anyhow.

On a lighter side, although one that effects me, what’s with this lack of pockets thing?

Am I suppose to have one hand and or arm occupied all the time?

Sure I like handbags. A little. But for daily wear I want my wallet in my back pocket. A pack of tissues and perhaps a pen, pad and some cough drops on my person too.

For me the result is not buying. More searching. I did find a nice array of high quality plus size women’s suits. I feature them here. Many come in petite sizes. But I will have to dig deeper to find out if they have at least my 2 required pockets. Still, at present their prices are a bit forbidding too. Still I’d rather wait a bit, pay more and get what I really want.

I love the classic look of these jackets. The fact that many are available in plus size petite women’s sizes. But it disturbs me that a mention of lining and pockets is missing in their descriptions.

Is it that at those prices, it’s a given that they come at least with lining? Is it that because it’s women’s apparel, it does not matter?

What do you want? Granted I do not fall for that, I must get thin thing. But I do want to know why women’s apparel is not more functional. Women’s swimsuits never seems to have a small zipper inner pocket for your locker key and a bit of cash. What’s up with that? Is it ok to steal a women’s stuff while she swims?

Are women’s fashions functional enough for you? Or is it just me who has a problem with this?

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  1. I recently discovered your site while searching "Women's Plus Size Fashions". Yes, I agree with you, women's clothing is not functional! Until I was married, I didn't realize that men routinely are dressed and out the door in 5 minutes while women are struggling to match top, bottom, nylons, shoes, etc.! I enjoyed my career (in the fashion industry, no less), but wearing a petite plus size made dressing for work a daily struggle. I love functional pockets on pants, jackets, dresses...

    Just curious, where would you put a mesh pocket on a women's swimsuit? It would have to be easily accessible yet not create a distorted style line. I'm thinking of a one-piece suit.

    The lines you refer to, Silhouttes and Avenue, tend to be moderately priced (the pocket flaps w/o a pocket are a giveaway!). Have you looked at higher end plus size product - Harper-Greer or Talbot's, for example? I am very happy with Talbot's Petite Woman's pant and blazer fit.

    Thanks, Colleen