Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Question to other women out there

While researching plus size suits this past fall, I found several jackets I really liked, for me. I’m picky about little things in a suit jacket. I want it lined. I want a back vent. I think long looks better on me, and other short women. I have since seen that short suit jackets on full figured petite women actually look great. But I’ll get back to that.

The one think I won’t budge on. A JACKET MUST HAVE POCKETS!
Preferably an inside, check book deep pocket in the lining as well. I needed just that 2 weeks ago. The checkbook pocket. I’m not holding my breath waiting to find one of those in jackets made for a woman.

And I prefer pockets with flaps. I knew, even before my daughter came along, that you will end up with your jacket draped over your arm. Things will fall out of those pockets.

I found out that jackets I were looking at that even said they have pockets, did not. Unless they are patch pockets. As the nice people at Silhouettes
online store informed me.

I had my eye on a suit jacket at Avenue’s online store. Went to their local store and found, flaps with no pockets underneath. That’s when I called Silhouettes and when they informed me about that this is usually the case. Only patch pockets are not faked to seem as if they are pockets.

Now here is my question:
Is it just me? Does any other woman out there want the pockets?

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