Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Smoothing shapwear slip by Spanx, for daily wear or between formal wear and more formidable foundations for special occasions, and gift possibilities

I don’t know about you, but I always have some bra and panty bulges. This Spanx hide and sleek full slip would smooth them out. And it should add extra warmth.

For normal, daily wear this would be a comfy, smoothing layer between your bra and panties and your dress. Especially knits, fitted or even sheer dresses.

If you have read Wendy Shanker’s book, ‘The Fat Girl’s Guide to Life’, you may recall, while considering formal wear for up coming parties and events, what she says, (page 224), about dressing to attend the Oscars. Actually she was dressed by someone else. He layered foundation and shapewear till all the bulges were smoothed out. The total effect, while not allowing things like urinating or bending, did result in VA-va-voom, Morticia Addams very sexy silhouette! Depending on how much you value appearance over comfort, this kind of dressing could be ok for very special occasions. This Spanx smoothing slip could be the top layer of such a thing.

It’s a pretty good book. Thinking of books, right now, in a holiday sale way. I got this in an email this morning:

10% off Amazon on over 900,000 Books! New BEST-SELLERS from Michael Jordan, Patricia Cornwell, Al Franken and much more!.

Because I have gotten to read parts of books at Amazon before, I popped ‘The Fat Girls Guide to Life’ in the search box to your right. That is, by the way, at least one place you can get that above mentioned 10% off from them.

Found you can get this book in hardcover or paperback, not pricey. Tired to find a way into it to read some of the pages, like perhaps you can get to page 224, so you can read that yourself if you wanted to, directly from here.

Couldn’t find a way in from the books description, but I did run into a book called
‘Don’t Try This at Home: Kitchen Disasters and Memorable Mishaps for the Worlds Greatest Cooks and Chefs’
Could not find a way to read a bit of this either, but it sure seems both interesting and reassuring!

It may be party season and special event time for some, but for me, fall and winter is cooking season!

Oh yeah, also in this AM’s email that let me know about getting 10% off Amazon books, using the Buy.com’s search box to your right, they mentioned a lot of other sale and rebate prices on electronics, which is how I normally think of Buy.com…..
Here’s a few, in case you are still in the market for gifts, they have pretty good buys! And the handy search box to your right!

The Best of 2005 Music! The BIGGEST ACTS of 2005 and we have them all, including both albums released by Green Day this year, American Idiot and Bullet In a Bible!.

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These are just some gift ideas for you as the holidays approach!

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