Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Planning on exercising more next year? Champion and Glamorise sports bras are on sale right now!

While the Champion bras on sale now are not specifically full figure sports bras, you’ll find that some of the ones on sale now at http:www.freshpair.com
go up to 42DD! For only $19.99, for some unknown limited time…

Cheaper than their excellent Champion plus bras, one of which goes up to 46DD! If you need a larger size sports bra and prefer wireless bras, Glamorise has a beauty that goes up to 50I.
That Glamorise bra, their Magic Lift Plus Active Support Bra, is on sale now at JustMySize.com
for $18.50!!

But if you need sports bras up to 42DD, $19.99 is a great price for Champion’s quality women’s sports wear! See http:www.freshpair.com
Real soon!

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  1. Glamorise Bras are ideal for those who need extra support without losing the utmost comfort every woman-on-the-go deserves. :) I can definitely concur that Glamorise's specialty is their sports bra.