Thursday, March 19, 2015

Some Up to G Cup Chantelle Bras

I am sorry it has taken me a month to post here, and that this might look like an continuation of New Bras that come in yellow this spring… I have been curious about Chantelle bras for some time, and found several that, besides now in yellow, get excellent reviews from full figure women!

Here is a look at these Chantelle bra styles! I aim to get off yellow and explore Demi-cup full figure / full bust bras here soon…

Chantelle C Essential Seamless Bras

These T-shirt bras have nothing but 5 star reviews from women who consider themselves ‘Curvy’ at Bare Necessities! You can click on this bra’s picture to find it in the 32 to 40C to G size range in this and 4 more colors, full price, plus 2 sale colors!

Merci Demi Lace Bras

These lace bras have totally 5 star reviews from the 3 Curvy women who rated them at Bare Necessities.
They are available in 3 full price and 2 sale colors in the 32 to 38B to G size range!

Merci 3 Part Cup Bras

If you click on this bra’s picture below you will find it in the 32 to 40B to G, 42 and 44B to D size range in 4 full price and 2 sale colors at Her Room.

Her Room and other stores, like Bare Necessities, often have the same bra styles but is different colors, size ranges and sometimes prices. Her Room’s a new Her Room's VIPoints Loyalty Programicon is an advantage unique to them. I intend to try it, hopefully soon.

 icon icon

Unlike Bare Necessities, Her Room reviews do show bra sizes of the reviews, quite often, but do not give an indication regarding body type…
I checked out the reviews and found women who might be full figured, (sizes like 38E and G, 40DD, 42C…), seem to like these bras a lot too.

I am hoping to someday get down to a G / H cup size, so I can try Chantelle myself…however, I do not know if this is even possible…

Hopefully more, sooner this time, rather than later…
OK, I do not know if that is possible either...



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