Saturday, February 22, 2014

Freya’s Rio Bras in Crimson

For a long time these had been highly rated full figure bras especially because of their unique style and that they came in large cup sizes.

Then they slowly disappeared from stores, to the point where I was only seeing them at eBay stores. We can still find them using this Freya Rio Bras New with Tags at Buy it Now prices link, starting at $30! On the other hand, I am finding them in their new crimson color at two stores, for $58. Both have the matching boy short for $30 and one store has these bras in black and white too!

Crimson Freya Rio Full Figure Bras

If you click on this bra’s picture below you will find it in sizes 30 to 38D to H at Bare Necessities.  

Scroll down to find the matching panties in sizes XS to XL.

The Rio Bras in Black, White and Crimson

Figleaves and Bare Necessities have both these style picture below. If you click on this set’s picture it will take you to these in crimson, black and white at Figleaves. They have all three colors in most sizes in the 28DD to H, 30C to H and 32 to 38B to H size range!

 Rio underwire balcony bra 

If you look to your right once you are there you will see the boy short, which has a solid back.

Here is the black bra pictured with the brief, and they also have the matching thong in black.

Rio underwire balcony bra 

and white bra and brief
 Rio underwire balcony bra 

They do not have the shortie in any color but crimson.

These Highly Rated Full Figure Bras

It is a pity many stores stopped carrying them for a while, and apparently with that dropped their reviews. Bigger Bras however never did stop carrying them, in black and white, and so they still have their reviews. If you click on this Freya Rio Bra Reviews link.

A brief synopsis of them is:
A 4.4 Star average out of their current 34 reviews
and NO CONs are listed
Women Wear the For:
  • 28 Every Day
  • 17 Office
  • 11 T shirts
  • 10 Formal Occasions
  • 7 Going Out 
Women find these Bras have:
  • 30 Good Support
  • 27 Figure Flattering
  • 22 Good Coverage
  • 18 Comfortable Fit
  • 14 Comfortable Material 
  • A reoccurring compliment is, Sexy, pretty and cute are also mentioned 
Some reviewers have more than one of these bras and others plan to. To me, this is the true test of how great a bra is!


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