Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Avenue’s New Site + Discounts

New at Avenue

Click on Avenue’s banner below today and you will find the code for the $15 or $25 discounts! You will also get a quick, at a glance view of Avenue’s Fall collection, Trends, Specials and more!

This offer appears to be good until the end of the month!

Avenue’s Current BOGO 50% Off Deals

Mouse over:
  • What’s New
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Denim
  • Active
  • Shoes + Accessories 
Today and you will find all these departments have Buy One Get One, (of comparable values), at 50% off!

I do not know how long these specials last, but it is great way refresh our fall / winter wardrobes!

  • + no code seems to be involved with the BOGO 50% off styles
  • So you can, no doubt, use this months above-mentioned discount codes to save more on these styles!

More Style Choices with BOGO Discounts

Yes the financial savings are great with discounts!
Not only that, there are those times when we cannot decide.
Times when both style choices have perfectly good advantages.

My favorite for this rational is footwear. No. I only have 2 each pair of sneakers, sandals and tall boots, currently.

Let’s face it though, the more footwear we have, the longer they will last. This is true if we change them every day!

There are other practical arguments for this too, but back to the style dilemma…
Example: 2 BOGO 50% Off Boot Styles
Say you love both ankle boots and tall boots.
Or you just like either, but want them in both
sleek, buckle, western or slouch…heels or flats…black, brown or other colors.

This is a great way to extend your boot choices at less than half the price of at least one style. Utilizing both the BOGO special with the current Avenue discount code!

Both of these, and All of Avenue’s boots and shoes, are part of this BOGO special

These ankle boots come in cognac as well in sizes 8 to 13 in wide widths, for $64 Connie Belted Bootie

These slouch boots come in black, cognac and grey in the same sizes, for $68! Bridget Tall Slouch Boot

Having a variety of ankle and tall boots expands your style choices for each outfit!
Practical Reason for Fresh Footwear Each Day
So you can:
  • Contribute to the health of your feet and Achilles tendons, (alternate heels with flats)
  • Let the inside of your shoes and boots dry out
  • Thus keeping your feet cleaner, drier and more comfy 
  • Besides lasting longer on the heel and outer sole, 
These are great reasons to have fresh footwear daily.
Deals like Avenue’s above make it much easier to do this!


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