Monday, March 25, 2013

Free Shipping and Clearance Prices on DD+ Bras

Use Bare Necessities discount link between now and 4/4/13 and you will find a free shipping and returns code for DD to N cup bras! At the same time you will find numerous large cup size bras in clearance there too!

They just added new styles to their Clearance Department, so strike now, while they have their best size selection! Bare Necessities currently has 178 DD+ bras in Clearance and you can shop by size there!

I am finding styles like: Elomi’s Paloma bras for $50 a normally $72 bra, still in stock in many sizes, 30 – 40G, 44FF and 46DD in its sale color, indigo! This is its new color, Delft Blue.

They have more Elomi bras, as well as Fantasie, Cleo by Panache, Fauve, Freya and other brands of full bust bras in clearance at this time as well!

I suggest shopping this newly stocked Clearance section by your size real soon.
  • Take advantage of the free shipping and returns code
  • especially if you are not sure of your bra size in a particular style
  • As always, if you are sure of your size, and certainly if you have a favorite bra band and / or style, check out their selection, New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices, at eBay stores! You can learn more about how to do that here

A brief Comparison
Clearance prices to eBay store prices

While in some styles, such as the Elomi Paloma bra above, eBay stores have few and Bare Necessities’ current clearance, in its indigo color, price is best.

However, also in clearance is Fantasie’s highly rated Elodie side support bras.They come in sizes 30 to 38D to J and 40DD to FF at Bare Necessities, in numerous colors.

Click on this picture to view them, in their blue clearance color, for $51. Or use this Fantasie Elodie bras New with Tags, at Buy it Now prices link to find, currently 333 of these bras, starting at $23 at eBay stores!


If you check out this bra using the eBay link, simply type in your bra size after its name in the search box and hit the search button to narrow down your search!

Sometimes, as in my bra size, it turns out the price is about the same (as the above Elomi bras) in what few styles they do have, as Bare Necessities’ clearance prices.

I do find it worth checking out in any bra style you already have, love and plan to get in any color! 3/25/13

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