Thursday, January 03, 2013

I mentioned Handbags

1st I’d like to mention some great looks we all might enjoy in the Good bye 2012 post at Diary of a Chic Mom. Her outfits are shown down the page a bit. I notice she favored large clutches a bit in 2012, as well as other hand bags, and I have been on the lookout for one myself…

I found what I would like at Bloomingdale's: This Coach Legacy 11.25 X 6.75 X 2.25 inch leather clutch. Sadly it is $168.

This is just a picture of it. You can find this browsing Coach under Handbags at Bloomingdale.

As I save on bras this way, I checked out eBay stores and the same Coach Clutch, New with Tags at eBay stores is $159.99, in Buy it Now, rather than bid, prices!

If you like the style, but in black, it is on sale at Bloomy's for $126.40, at their Save 25-65% on a great selection of merchandise at! Offer valid 1.3.13 through 1.15.13!

I like the black style and $100 or so is practical for me and hand bags, only because I do not change them often. This is also why black is practical, for me. Ever see a pale colored purse after years of daily wear? Just one problem, I am really tired of black.

I should take a lesson from the above-mentioned Chic Mom and change mine with each outfit. I guess this too could be a bit too pricey for me though…

Anyway, Bloomingdale's has lots of more colorful styles, but if $168 is too much for me, so are much of their colorful hand bags I have seen so far… has a good selection of clutches and leather ones are not too expensive there either! I believe I will check them out for a while! Many in the $100 to $120 range! Naturally this one, in Boudreaux color, is apparently only left in black…

 Hobo Maxine (Women's) - Black

Actually even Bordeaux

This is just a picture of it,

is a bit darker than I want for all year…and I want at least a trust worthy wrist strap too.

Any suggestions?

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