Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Apology & Today Only 25% Off at Bare Necessities

I changed It is a new site, with new pages, a new arrangement, and with that, None of the links within the post of this site that go to the old site will work until I, slowly, change them over. Sorry About That.

Today if you click on Bare Necessities’ 10% off text link in the right column, you will get, (well I did) a 25% discount applied to your order! While it excludes many of my personal favorites, it is good on their Buy 2 get 1 Free bra offer styles, and many of their top 12 Best Bras of All Time styles as well!

Not Excluded are these new Parisa fe bras, and panties, which come in sizes up to 40H & XXXL!

This is just a picture of it, but you can find it, and other, plain black and nude, strapless and T-shirt bras by Parisa fe Just go to Bras, under New Arrivals, after using Bare Necessities’ discount link to find these beautiful new styles!

I intend to put the sales and discounts on bras and intimates, fashions and footwear here and new styles and trends on the home page of our new site.

We shall see how this goes...

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