Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Too New for Reviews Full Figure Bras

It has not surprise me to find favorite Elomi Caitlyn, (up to K cup sizes) bras come in a new deep rouge color, and their Hermione, (up to HH), and Betty, up to HH cup sized bras in a new deep navy color for fall. Plenty of black bra styles, merlot, dark violets and, (what a surprise), new shades of grey bra styles are no real surprise for fall either. 

Here are a few bright and floral surprise full figure bras styles I find most surprising!

Affinitas Intimates Parfait Laura bras are the least expensive of the styles I am currently looking at. Just $44 at full price, they come in this bright berry, and navy, colors in sizes 30 to 40D to G at Her Room below.

A bit more predictable for the season is Affinitas’, dark grape, Madeline bras. Below they are available at Bare Necessities, with free shipping, (today is their last free shipping on any size order deal), in sizes 30D to FF, 32 and 38D to G, 34 and 36D to G and 40D at Bare Necessities.


Her Room and Bare Necessities have these bras for $48. Freya’s long-line Piper padded bras are part of a separate Free Shipping and Returns offer regarding Freya, Elomi, Fantasie and Goddess intimates at Bare Necessities. That offer ends on 9/16/12. Bare Necessities has these bras in some sizes in the 30 to 38D to G range. Her Room has them all, as well as free shipping on orders of $70 or more and these bras cost $68 at either store.

This long line style also comes in a more predicable biscotti colored print, at Bare Necessities, but not yet at Her Room…

It is no surprise that Freya styles a good many bras after their best selling Arabella bras. They come in cup sizes up to J and get great reviews. This new floral print for fall was surprising to me! These new Ada underwire Freya bras come in sizes up to 38H in this tattoo print at Her Room.

Maybe it does not take a lot to surprise me, with regard to what to expect from fashion each season, but I find most of the above styles unusual for fall fashions in intimates.

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