Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best Selling Full Figure Wacoal Awareness Bras from $27 to $45

Their full price being $65 to $67

Wacoal’s Best Selling, (the 10th Best Bras Of All Time per Bare Necessities), Awareness Seamless Full figure Bras is on sale at Wacoal in one of its two animal prints!

Use this Wacoal Clearance Sale! Take 30% off selected styles at Wacoal www.wacoal-america.com link and you will see this style in its sale animal print for $45 in their Last Chance, (right side of their horizontal menu) sale section. They have it in a variety of sizes up to 34DD, 36G, 32 and 38 to 42DDD and 44DD.

Click on this picture below and you will find it in its sale print for $43.99 and still available in some sizes in that color in sizes 32D to DDD, 34 to 40C to H and 44DD and DDD.

The sale print is just like the one below, but paler. A white background with paler spots.

Now these bras are available in their sale print at both stores, in some sizes, but the best prices I found for Wacoal’s Awareness bras, including the above print, (as well as solid colors), is to be found, New with Tags, at Buy It Now, rather than bid, Prices using this Wacoal Awareness Full Figure Bras at eBay Stores link!

Today I am finding these bras in solid colors, in full figure sizes, starting at $27, and these bras in the sale print starting at $30!

For more info on shopping bras, New with Tags, at eBay stores, check out my write up about it here.

If you just want to try Wacoal’s Awareness bras for the first time, especially if it would be your 1st Wacoal bra and you are not sure how their sizing will work for you, I suggest Wacoal Direct or Bare Necessities to try these best selling bras at sale prices!

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