Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two New Strapless Full Figure Bras by Le Mystere

With summer styles, weather, proms, weddings and other parties to get ready for, it might be a good time to consider strapless, and convertible, bras!

Le Mystere’s new Soiree bras and bustier, like many Elomi, Panache Panache and Fantasie strapless full figure bras, comes in cup sizes up to G! Some of those come in cup sizes up to GG and H!

Bare Necessities, whose current Free Shipping on Any Order, (you will find the code on their pages), ends 4/17, has this bustier version of Le Mystere’s Soiree Strapless Bras, which comes in sizes 32 to 40D to G and has nothing but five star ratings so far. This bustier comes in sizes 32 to 36B to G and 38 and 40B to F! The Bustier has no ratings so far.

While bests selling, award winning and customer favorite plus size strapless bras quite often come in cup sizes up to DDD, such as Wacoal’s Red Carpet Full Busted Strapless Bras, (Which happen to be award winning, best selling customer favorite bras, yep, all three!). Goddess’ award winning lace long line bra #689 does come in sizes up to 34 to 50B to FF, which is nice.

Le Mystere’s new strapless / convertible bra and is getting great ratings. I thought the bustier version of it is rather pretty. I felt like I had to show it somewhere.

While both Her Room and Bare Necessities have the Soiree bras, I am only finding the Soiree bustier, pictured above, at Bare Necessities, so far.

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